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Team Yankee 1:100 Mechanised Infantry Platoon

€ 12,95
Unieke code: TIR702

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Includes one Commander team, four MG3 teams, three RPG-7 anti-tank teams, one M47 Dragon team, one SA-7 Grail team, four medium four-hole bases, one small three -hole base and five small two-hole bases.


Pre-revolution weapons and equipment purchases saw the Iranian Army with much western-style equipment.

The standard infantry weapon was the West German G3 battle rifle which was manufactured in Iran’s own factories. 

The infanty fire power mainly came from the West German MG-3 machine-gun which was the main squad automatic weapon of the Iranian Army.

These were supplemented by US and Soviet made anti-tank weapons.

The Iranians used Soviet RPG-7 short-ranged anti-tank weapons, first purchased, then copied and manufactured themselves.

They also used medium- ranged US M47 Dragon anti-tank guided missile system.

For air defence a mechanised group had the Soviet SA-7 Grail man-portable surface-to-air missile system.

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